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Broadband Guide

Once the ADSL modem has been installed we need to configure Dialup
Networking. Double click on the 'My Computer' icon on your desktop and then
'Dial Up Networking', now double click on 'Make a new connection'.

Call the connection 'FreeUK ADSL' and make sure that the correct device is
selected as shown in the picture below, if it is click Next.

Even though with ADSL you are not dialing up as with an ordinary connection,
you still need to fill in the phone number box in order to continue.

Any number will do, keep it simple and just type '0' as shown below.

Press Next.

Now click on Finish.

The connection has now been created, but there are one or two things you
need to change. You should now be back at Dial Up Networking and you will
see that a new icon has appeared. Put your mouse over the new icon and click
once with your right mouse button (or, if you have a left-handed mouse, click
with your left button) and a box should appear as follows:

Select the Server Types tab.

Windows will set certain things up as default. You need to take the tick out
of the box next to 'Log on to network' and remove the ticks from 'NetBEUI' and
'IPX/SPX Compatible' under Allowed network protocols. Once you have done
this, your settings should look like the picture below.

Next click on TCP/IP Properties.

Windows does not automatically set up DNS servers and you will find,
when you first look at this screen, that the selection is for 'server assigned
name server addresses'. Move the dot into the box below to select 'specify
name server addresses' and enter the DNS servers as shown.

When you have done this, click on OK (which will take you back to the 'server
types' screen) then click on OK again (which will take you back to the Dial Up
Networking group). You can now close Dial Up Networking and your ADSL
connection is ready to use.

Double click on your FreeUK ADSL connection and make sure that your own username is typed correctly as shown below, (username@adsl-1.freeuk.com).

Your ADSL connection is now completed.