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Changing your screen resolution using Windows & Mac

Changing your screen resolution on a PC and Mac (for Mac set-up scroll down) can be an advantage for both general computer usage and browsing the Internet. When you increase the resolution you increase the amount of pixels on your screen making everything appear sharper and sometimes slightly smaller. Most computers default resolution is 800 x 600 pixels but can often mean you have to lot of scrolling when using your computer.

The screen shots below show you how to change your resolution with ease. The quality of your graphics card within your machine will also affect how much you can actually change your resolution.

Firstly, quit all the applications that you might have open on your computer. After this click on the right hand button of your mouse with the cursor over the desktop and you will see the following screen shot, click on properties and follow it down to the screen shot below.

You will notice that there are several options at the top of the dialog box such as, Background, Effects, Screen Saver etc, you need to click on the 'Settings' tab. When you have done this you will see (to the bottom right) the words 'Screen Area' with a pointer just below it. The screen shot shown here is currently set to 800 x 600
pixes, now please follow it down to the next screen shot below.

Try sliding the pointer to the right and put the resolution upto 1024 x 768 pixels or what ever resolution you might want to check out first. When you have done this
follow it down to the next screen shot below.

After you have set the resolution you require, look to where it says 'Colours', there
is a drop down menu with colour setting in it. Using 'True Colour 32 bit' is the highest quality setting for colours you can use on your computer, not all computers will allow you to use this setting due to the quality of your graphics card. This is a matter of trying it and seeing if it allows you to do it or not.

Click OK.

A box will pop up and read as shown here.

Click OK.

After a few seconds your new resized destop will appear with
the pop up window as shown here, if you are happy click on OK.

Changing your Screen resolution using a Mac

Changing the screen resolution on an Apple Mac is pretty much the same as on
a PC the screen shots below show you how to achicve this with ease and once again this can be an advantage for both general computer usage and browsing the internet.

Simply select 'Apple', 'Control Panels', 'Monitors & Sound' as above.

Look just below the word 'Resolution' and simply select the resolution
of your choice and it will change automatically.