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Microsoft Windows NT 4 RAS Setup (part 2)

This is the continuing section of Microsoft Windows NT Remote Access Server
set up, if you have not yet completed the set up from page one then please click
on the back button on your browser.

You do not need to enter a fixed IP address for windows NT 4 RAS set up.

Click Next.

If you want to have a usable connection, make sure that your screen shows
the DNS server shown here ( If you get this information wrong,
your machine will not be able to resolve hostanames to IP addresses.

The entry for WINS server MUST be left empty. Click on Next

Congratulations! You are almost finished. There are one or two more things
we need to check. Unless you want to change any of the previous settings (in
which case you would simply click Back) simply click on Finish.

Now we need to change a setting or two in the connection properties.
Simply click on more then Edit entry and modem properties.

Once you have this screen, click on the Server tab and click on the
TCP/IP Settings button as shown here.

All you need to do in this section is to enter the address for the secondary
DNS server. Simply put in as the address, click OK and
everything should work without any major problems.

Well, that was simple wasn't it? Now all you need to do, is click Dial and
you'll be presented with the following screen....

Just enter your username and password into the relevant boxes.

Leave the Domain box empty. If there is ANYTHING in the domain box, your
login will fail, and you will not be able to connect successfully to FreeUK. If
there is anything in this box, simply highlight and delete it.

You should ideally leave the Save Password box unchecked. If your password
is incorrect and you have left this box checked, you will need to reset your
password. Now just click OK and leave your machine to connect.