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Microsoft Windows NT 4 RAS Setup

These pages are designed to help you setup RAS (Remote Access Service) to
connect you to FreeUK using Windows NT Version 4.0. They are not designed to
be an exhaustive guide to RAS, nor are they a tutorial. If you require a tutorial,
either read the on-line help, or click here

To create a RAS connection to FreeUK, you will firstly need to open Dial Up Networking. Simply follow the screen shot as shown above.

If you have no current phonebook entries, you will be presented with the dialog
box shown here. Simply click on OK to begin the connection wizard.

In this first box, simply put in a name for your connection to FreeUK. This text is
only used as a label, so you can put pretty much anything in here, but calling
it FreeUK makes sense.

Click on Next

This screen is extremely simple to complete, but is VERY important. Simply
make sure that ALL 3 boxes on this screen have ticks in them, and you can't
go far wrong.

Click on Next.

This screen is where you enter the phone number to dial into FreeUK. If you are
not using any kind of exchange to dial out, it is advisable to remove the tick from
use telephony dialing properties, as this can cause problems.

Leave the area code blank, type the relevant phone number into the phone
number box and then click Next.

All you need to do for this screen is to click on next no matter what type of
connection you have. If you select SLIP as your connection protocol, your
connection will not work.

Basically, to connect to FreeUK you won't need to run a script. Simply click on
Next. You are now half way through your setup. As the setup is rather long, it
has been divided into two separate documents.

Click here to continue the setup.