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Viewing Newsgroups using Outlook Express

Newsgroups are online discussion forums. A place where you can have a discussion with one or many people at once. Lots of people can participate in
a newsgroup to ask or answer questions related to just about anything. FreeUK
has access to over 50,000 newsgroups, so you are bound to find at least one
of interest to you.

This process will only work if your copy of 'Outlook Express' is already configured
to FreeUK (ie, if you are a FreeUK customer dialing into FreeUK to send and recieve your email). These screen shots are of the 'Outlook Express 4' set up wizard but, but should also apply version 5 & 6. Firstly, click on the 'Outlook Express' icon to the left hand side of the menu, just above the inbox (see the grey highlighted icon).

Once you have clicked on the 'Outlook Express' icon, you will notice that the right
hand side of your window has lots of new icons within it, you should have six icons, they are: Read Mail, Read News, Address Book, Download All, Compose A Message and Find People. If you then click on the icon called 'Read News', you should automatically proceed to the next screen shot below.

A pop up box will appear, click on yes and then your machine
will start to compile a list of the 40,000 newsgroups available.

Type in a word or a subject of interest to you in the 'Display newsgroups that contain' box at the top of the window, and it will automatically match the word with any groups that it finds.

When you find a group that is of interest to you, click on it so it is highlighted and
then click on the subscribe button. When you have finished, click on 'OK' and you
will notice that the groups now appear on the left hand side of your 'Outlook
Express' window. As shown below.

If you now click on any of the groups you subscribed to (as shown). You will be
able to read the contents of the groups as you would do normally using 'Outlook Express'. If you want to subscribe to more newsgroups later on in time then just repeat this process again. That's all there is to it, you are now able to read newsgroups.

Using Outlook Express as your main newsgroup reader does have its limits. For example you cannot download any Pictures, Files and or Audio attachments, to do this you need a more advanced reader such as 'Free Agent'. You will find
information on how to set up 'Free Agent' here