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Creating multiple email addresses with Outlook

Multiple email address can be created easily. If for instance your username was
'bob' your primary or first email address would be bob@freeuk.com. You can add additional email addresses by adding a name in front of it ie: sales@bob.freeuk.com

The above email address will go to the same mailbox so when bob logs in to collect his mail he will pick up mail for bob@freeuk.com and sales@bob.freeuk.com. Note: The second email address contains only one "@" symbol, no email address will
ever contain more than one "@" symbol.

You can use as many as you wish, here are some more examples:


The easiest way to manage your new email addresses is to set up filters in your email program. From the main menu select, 'Tools', 'Message Rules', 'Mail'. You
will be presented with the following screen.

Click on New. Once you have clicked on new a window will pop up. This new
window allows us to specify what we would like done with our incoming email.
For this example we tick "where the to line contains people" and also "move it to
the specified folder".

What you do with the second selection (select the actions for your rule) depends
on what you would like done to your incoming mail, in this case we will move all
mail for test@bob.freeuk.com to a new folder (which we will create in a second).

That done, we have to click on both the blue highlighted text links to set the
values first click on "contains people".

On the next screen we have to enter our new email address, once that's
done click add and it will move down into the "people" box. It should look
like the screenshot below.

Click on ok and you will be back to the previous screen, now click on
"specified". This box will allow us to create the new folder where incoming
mail for test@bob.freeuk.com will be stored. Make sure you have "local folders" highlighted and click on "new folder", type in the name of your new folder I will
call mine "test".

Click on OK

All that's left to do now is name your rule and click on OK and OK again to take
you back to outlook express. Now every time you pickup your email any mail addressed to test@bob.freeuk.com will be placed in the "test" folder.