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Connecting to FreeUK using your iMac

This page is for setting up a connection to FreeUK using an iMac, this method
of set up will not work on a G3 or any other kind of Apple Macintosh computer.

Firstly click on your apple icon, then go to control panels and click on Internet.
This will take you to the screen shot you see below.

You will need to enter your 'Username' and Email address in the boxes shown.
Once you have done this click on the 'E-mail' tab and onto the screen shot below.

Here you need to enter your dialup username under User Account ID. Also the Incoming Mail Server as pop.freeuk.net and your Account password under the 'Password' box. Next click on the 'Web' tab to goto the next screen shot below.

On this screen you dont really need to change many options apart from entering
your homepage location as shown above in the screenshot. This means that when you connect up , the FreeUK home page will load up as the first page. Once done click on the tab lablled 'News' and the final screen shown below will be displayed.

On this screen all you need to do is to enter FreeUK's news server as news.freeuk.net and select the option 'Connect to the server as a guest'.

If at anytime you press you will be presented with the screen below
prompting you to save the setup.

Click on 'Save' and this set will be saved as your default set.