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Setting Up and Using ICQ 2002

ICQ ("I Seek You") is a user-friendly Internet program that notifies you which
of your friends and associates are online and enables you to contact them. With
ICQ, you can chat, send messages and files, exchange Web page addresses, play
games, create your own homepage, surf the Net with your friends, and much more.
With the click of your mouse, you and your friends are instantly connected.

Once you have downloaded it, double click the 'setup' icon. After a couple of
seconds you will see the 'Welcome To ICQ' screen. On this screen you will be
able to change the directory ICQ is installed to. If you don't change anything ICQ
will be installed to C:\Program Files\ICQ. To make sure that you have a trouble
free install you should close any programs you have running.

Then press 'Next'

The next screen shows you the ICQ Licence Agreement.

If you accept this click 'Next'

On the ICQ registration page, firstly you can specify what sort of connection you
are on 'Modem' or 'LAN' select which is applicable to you. The next section allows
you to register yourself on the ICQ network and get your ICQ number by pressing
the 'New User' button. If you are already an existing ICQ user you can bypass this section and click on the 'Existing User' button.

When you have pressed the New ICQ button you will need to fill out a small form.
Fill in the blanks with your own information as above. Click 'Netx'

When you have filled out the form click 'Next' and your ICQ number will be given.

Your registration will only take a minute or so. At the bottom of this page you
have three options in in the Privacy and Security Settings area. You should make
sure you have a dot next to 'My authorization is required before user add me to their contact list', as this will mean people will have to ask your permission to put you
on their contact list. When you have written down your ICQ number and selected which options you want press 'Next'.

This page allows you to select which ICQ service you would like to use. These services are an extra you dont need them to make ICQ work properly but you may wish to use them. You have now finished your ICQ setup.

Press start to finish.

This should open up ICQ and it should log on to the network (as above). If
it doesn't, click on your windows Start button (bottom right hand corner),
Programs, ICQ, ICQ. Your computer will now load ICQ.

You should then get sent your first ICQ message from icq_admin@icq.com. This
is just a conformation to let you know that you've registered and all is working fine
and correctly. This is a very simple ICQ overview on how to get started but if you
want to learn more about the the numerous facilities that ICQ offer, visit
there website at: www.icq.com