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Uploading Webpages Using Fetch (Mac FTP)

We have help pages for uploading HTML files using CuteFTP (for PC only) but,
up untill now we have not had any help pages to show you how to FTP using a
Macintosh. The most user friendly client for the Macintosh (in my opinion) is
called 'Fetch'. The screen shots below will guide you through the process
with ease.

Firstly open 'Fetch' and go to the 'File' menu and select 'New Connection'.
This will take you on to the screen shot below.

The 'New Connection' box will apear and you need to fill in the boxes as shown.

Host: home.freeuk.net
Username: Your username
Password: Your Password
Directory: N/A

Click OK

Your modem will dial up and connect to your webspace (as shown here).

The webspce is empty at present.

You can use the 'Get & Put File' options to move you HTML pages around but,
it is just as easy to drag and drop files into the empty 'Webspace' window.

I have dragged and droped an HTML file called 'my_file.html' into the webspace
window. As you do this you will see a little 'Dog' icon appear along with a 'Circle
Timer' (see the right of the screen shot above). This is showing you how long
the file will take to upload.

It's as simple as that, if you want to delete any files in your webspace then simply
drag them from the 'Webspace' window to your dustbin. The URL to view the page
I created would become "http://home.freeuk.net/your-username/my_file.html".