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Setting up Microsoft Outlook Express

Setting up Outlook Express for the first time is quite tricky but, this guide
should help you to achive this with ease. Firstly Open Outlook Express. You
will be presented with a screen like the one below.

Click on the Tools Item on the Title bar.
Go down the list to Accounts and select it.

Click on Add then Mail.

You will now be taken to the Internet connection Wizard which should look
like this screenshot (above). Enter Your name in the Display name box.

Click on Next.

Ensure you enter your full email address in the box.
When you have done this, click on Next.

Make sure you select POP3 from the drop down box.

Type pop.freeuk.net in the Incoming POP3 mail server box.

Type relay.freeuk.net in the outgoing SMTP server box.

Click on Next.

Select the Log on using entry. Enter your username and password in
POP account name and Password boxes. Note: Do Not select the Log
on using Secure Password Authentication entry.

Click on Next.

You can leave this box as it is or enter a name of your choice to identify
the FreeUK mail service.

Click on Next.

Select Connect using my phone line.

Click on Next.

Select Use an existing dial-up connection. Choose FreeUK from the list.

Click on Next.

Congratulations! You have now completed the Configuration!.

Click on Finish.

Now click on Close and you are now ready to start using E-mail.

To send an e-mail, open Outlook express, and select Compose a Message
from the main Outlook opening screen.