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FreeUK Broadband

Broadband gives you a fast, always-on, connection to the Internet for a low fixed cost of just £22.99 inc VAT per month. You will experience fast Internet access, instant email to PC and the ability to send and receive large files easily, all through your existing telephone line. Additionally installation is quick and easy, in fact you'll wonder how you managed before!

What is FreeUK Broadband?

FreeUK Broadband is a new ADSL service, which runs alongside FreeUK's
existing dial-up service. It provides constant, fast, uninterrupted Internet access
without the call charges of a dial up service. FreeUK Broadband runs on your existing
telephone line and you can even access the Internet and make normal phone calls simultaneously. You will not require a BT engineer to visit your premises. You just
plug a micro-filter into your phone socket and use an ADSL modem (both of
which can be purchased from FreeUK).

What are the advantages of FreeUK Broadband?

Broadband allows you to connect to the Internet at up to 512k (that's 10 times the speed of a normal dialup Internet connection). That gives you access to a whole host of new applications such as music downloads, video streaming and online gaming. Not only that, but it's also cost effective as you only pay a fixed monthly charge for
your Internet access and your Internet call time, so expect no nasty surprises
when your phone bill comes through.

What do you get?

Connection speeds of up to 512k (10 times faster than normal modem access)
Technical support, Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am to 6pm.
Permanent connection 24/7
Instant access to email and web
Free 50Mb webspace
Simultaneous use of telephone, fax & PC
Incoming bandwidth - 512kbps ***
Outgoing bandwidth - 256kbps ***
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Speeds may be reduced by: usage during peak times & exchange distance ***

Free UK no longer provide newsgroup access. For more information, email support@clara.net

How much does it cost?

£22.99 inc VAT per month
£22.49 inc VAT per month if paid annually
£58.75 inc VAT one off setup fee

FreeUK Broadband requires a modem and micro filter which are available to buy from FreeUK as part of a value for money package at just £99.00 inc VAT (plus Parcelforce recorded delivery to mainland UK at £7.99)......more


If you already have ADSL with another provider you can migrate to FreeUK,
click here to fill out our migration form.

Availability checker

Currently ADSL is not available in all areas throughout the UK. To check if an exchange near you is ADSL enabled please email support@freeuk.com with your telephone number and postcode or simply click......here

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